Eamon and Bec hand-make the best chai. It’s fun, it’s accessible and it feels like family.

– Rayy, Partner at Hale Coffee Company

Usually when a “sales guy” walks in off the street I have no time for them.  But after meeting Eamon and hearing him use words like “partnership” and “increase sales” I decided to give him a shot.  Eamon and Becca came to sample and promote their chai and the success is obvious. To this day customers ask for the “real chai” they sampled on the streets and I can confidently say I have doubled my chai sales.


Stuart Ross, Owner of Bull Dog Coffee

Becca and Eamon care as much about the success of Jimmy’s Coffee as they do about the success of Chaiwala. Their passion alone makes them an amazing company to partner with! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that their chai is AMAZING…I am literally drinking it right now!

– Elinor Barker, General Manager of Jimmy’s Coffee

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