Hi, we’re Eamon & Bec, the founders of Chaiwala.

After meeting at our corporate grown up jobs in Toronto, Ontario in 2012, we spent a few years abroad working and traveling. We shared each other’s zest for adventure and exploration and worked hard throughout our travels to learn as much as we could from each experience and interaction.

Our journey with Chaiwala chai began when we came to manage an independently owned cafe in Melbourne, Australia. The coffee culture in Australia is incredible and we immersed ourselves in all aspects of the shop – from speciality coffee to ethically sourced tea. This was the first place we learned that chai didn’t have to be a Starbucks syrup and that it was (and should always be) freshly prepared from whole spices, tea and ginger root.

Following our stint at the cafe, we packed our backpacks and headed to Nepal and India. Here our love of chai grew. We drank chai from local Chaiwalas (tea makers) who each added their own secret spice to perfect their recipes. Chai is so much more than a beverage it’s a ritual. As such, chai quickly became an important part of our day.

Upon returning home to Canada, Eamon began working as a barista at a local Toronto cafe. The owners cared immensely about their coffee but tea was just an after thought. So, Eamon went home to his mom’s kitchen with a bunch of spices and starting cracking, blending and taste testing. Chaiwala chai was born.